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Ok so I manly fish with plastics during ice season and have lots of different plastics anyone have a good compact storage system I have used the clam wallets they have for plastics and it works but can only have a few with me and there isnít enough bags.  So wondering if anyone has a good storage method to keep them moist and easily transported.

I added a couple of these to the cart when ordering some of their plastics (chigger fry) recently.  They haven't arrived yet but they weren't too expensive so Ill give em a try.  Getting hard to keep track of all the plastics in my old scrip bottles. Hard to see what's in each bottle without opening it.

these containers work great. the cheaper acrylic plastic ones ok too but dont last if get knocked around

Anyone have any new ideas for plastic storage now that they've picked up some popularity? I'd rather keep my plastics in the zip lop bag they come in, but need a better way to organize them to see what I all have instead of just throwing them into a zip lock sandwich bag...



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