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Hali jig bait?

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What does everyone prefer to tip theirs with a waxie/spike or a minnow head. Never tried it with a minnow head but in a year and a half of using them with waxies/spikes I don't think I've ever caught anything on them. Currently have glow perch, silver/black stripes, and solid sliver. Will try the minnow head this weekend to see how it works.

plastics...little atoms, nuggies, skimpies

I use wax worms----they work good for tullibies............. .I like the extra weight to get it down to 40-50 feet

Played around with the hali this past weekend tipped with a mousie and minnow head. Had one hit on the mousie and missed. I did notice they attract a ton of fish on my electronics just cant get a bite. Tried multiple presentations.

Bucket Rump:
Hali's are my preferred jig when I'm targeting perch. I love the extra weight they have - great for pounding bottom -  and the drop chain makes for some decent action on the business end.  I run some with the single hook and some with a beaded treble, but either way I load them up with multiple waxies and/or spikes.


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