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Suspended or on Bottom?

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when u fish for ling during the light hours do u suspend your bait of leave it on bottom?
Any info appreciated.

Everyone I know that fishes for them, fish right on the bottom.

thanks esox  do u know when you use tip-ups do they lay the smell  on its side on bottom or just right with the belly almost touching? And in what depth of water

Burbot will take bait on your tip-up rigs within 1 ft. from the bottom.  Sometimes they are extremely aggresive and will pursue bait several feet from bottom, but your best bet is right on the bottom.  If you jig, just remember to pound the bottom with your bait!  Don't be scared to grab the biggest jig in your box that glows in the dark and bait it with some fresh cutbait.  Your best bet for these fish is dusk to dawn.  I have caught plenty during the day using the same techniques.  Be aggresive and let the fish know your stirin' up the bottom. ;)  -Barleydog

thanks alot barley dog ill try this next time when im fishing with my tip ups probably this weekend.


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