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burbot limits

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here in manitoba we have no limits on burbot and are generally treated as garbage fish--what limits do you have where you fish ???

It depends where you fish them in alaska, some places you can't even keep them because of overharvest.  But standard is either 2 or 5 a day in lakes depending on the lake and 15 for many of the rivers.  set lines are permitted i many areas for them.  my best night (couple weeks ago)  i caught 25 and kept 2 short of the limit.  before that i always thought burbot were pretty elusive, i had heard rumors of people catching alot at a time but never did it before. have now and got the pictures to prove it ;D

BEAUTIES JAKE!  Seems like you got thier number. :o

Big Dawg:
nice fish jake! whatd ya catch em on? here in NH, there in no length limit or limit of fish. my biggest cusk is about 3 1/2lbs.(yeah i kno, not too big but good eatin!) still waitin for ice to form on sum cusk lakes so i can ctach sum. well,im gunna go now. goodluck to everyone this season

bigdawg  its not the size its the quality that matters ;D


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