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Re: Iroquois
« Reply #30 on: Feb 16, 2021, 08:35 PM »
I've been going quite a bit this year as there is a lot of area to cover there. I was out on Monday and did well for pike. Had one that looked to be maybe 8-10lbs come in a tease the crap outta me. Laid on the soft bottom right beside my hook for 10 minutes while 2 other small ones cruised around above. Ended the day at 5pm with 8 caught in 13 FOW. Saw a couple walleye but they weren't too interested. I'd like to know if there are perch bigger then 4" there. Saw hundreds on the camera and they are crazy feisty but nothing would stay on. It tough to gauge where the action is since the shack are all pretty spaced out. I've stuck to viewing depth maps and looking for flats around 12-18 ft.

I'm gonna have to go back and try to retrieve my cell phone though. It took a dip and disappeared in the soft silty bottom.

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Re: Iroquois
« Reply #31 on: Mar 19, 2021, 05:19 PM »
Went to Iroquois Lake to look around a bit today. Never been there before. At Pelican Cove there were still trucks driving on and off the ice. Some were retrieving their shacks. The boat launch has a bit of mud and slush and there are some small ruts. I walked on. There must have been some surface water which froze and left a crust. I broke through the crust in a couple of places. Not sure how thick the ice underneath was, I didn't have my auger.

In the south east corner there was open water on both sides of the bridge the bridge. There were some tracks were people had been accessing the lake near the bridges. These are pretty muddy and rhere are ruts. I didnt leave the road but the ice looked slushy.

At Pebble Baye it was the same as Pelican Cove. A little more mud at the launch. Trucks still going on and off the ice and several huts still on the ice.

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Re: Iroquois
« Reply #32 on: Mar 21, 2021, 10:45 AM »
Was on Saturday afternoon. Lots of trucks on the ice. Needed the extension drilling holes. Some surface water, but ice is water saturated and soft drilling so definitely doesn't have the same strength. Some sink pockets in spots and old cracks. Getting on the lake were a bit rutted and light pooling. Still several shacks on. Fishing very poor not even a bit, 5 other groups same generally poor.


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