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Berkley Snap Jig
« on: Oct 24, 2020, 11:56 PM »
Berkley Snap Jig may be designed for your regular open water fishing, but I have an auspicious feeling that I can get it to work for ice fishing.  Well hungry fish will bite just about anything if you bait it properly.

I get it's more or less like a Rapala Jigging Rap more so like the Jigging Shad Rap but still it's makes me want to put a soft plastic body onto it and attach a split ring and treble hook.  I kind of want to snip off the jig hook on it.  It's going to be an experiment.  A modification that may work or may just tie fishing knots into the line.

They come in two packs so I can always modify one.  The tinkering thinking awaiting ice...
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