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Well Saturday was fun.  Took a work partner and his son out fishing for Pike.  Got about 10 flags and lost about 4 of them including a monster that had to go 16-17 lbs.  He wouldn't cooperate with the newbee we had along and ended up cutting the Flourocarbon leader at the hole >:( .  All was not lost since the little guy is now hooked on ice fishing after bagging a couple 4-5 pounders and a half dozen hammer handles.  I did catch one fish that was fat and short.  He was a 10 lb. 31" Pike that had feed heavily on the summer stocked grayling!  I had a great day since the weather cooperated with beautiful 23 degree weather.  I hope your weather stays nice and cold for ya.  We would love a mild winter, but know the bad stuff is around the corner.  Keep the reports posted, I miss the midwest panfish/ walleye fisheries.  Crappies are a blast!  Fish On!  Barleydog :'(

Barleydog, Sounds like you had a great time! I had a pretty good weekend myself. The Walleye's were biting very lightly, really had to play with them to catch them. I picked up Four Eye's Saturday night and about a half dozen nice Crappies. Usually I only get Walleye's in the spot I'm in. Sunday night I picked up two more Walleye's and another half dozen Crappies!

The Crappies are running bigger this year than last year. No big Eye's yet, but these are running about 1 1/2 lbs mmmmmm good eats!

I'm going to have to pursue those Crappies more, this is shaping up to be a good year for them.

Well, the forecast for this week is in the upper 30's low 40's so that should put you back in the fridge eh.

I'll keep ya posted!

Burbot :o One of the best fish out there in my books. Can't get better fish &  chips ;) I usually set-line for them at night in 5 to 15 ft of water. Go out to local lake, get fire going in cabin go set the lines. have supper. Check them every 2-3hrs thru night or depending on when the beer you are drinking is done. Excellent in fondue dipped in butter. Brought in the new year  last year this way. Lots of fun.

can anyone tell me how to clean these fish. I was told I could clean them like a waleye, then I was told to clean them like a barbutt, then I was told there is a special way to clean them. I am very confused but would like to try 'em. any info would be greatly appreciated.

       Thx in advance JB!

I have only cleaned about a dozen of them and you can use either the standard fillet method, (like a walleye) or skin it like a catfish.  If you skin them, start by making a cut all the way around the head.  Next, grab a pliers and grip the loose skin on the fillet end, (below the head), and hold the head with your other hand.  Pull the pliers opposite of the head and the skin will pull off all the way past the tail.  Next, gut, de-head, and cut all other fins off of the Burbot.  If the fish is big enough, filleting it can be a good option.  A little known trick on filleting slimy fish like Burbot is to soak a rag in vinegar and wipe the fish down with it.  Good Luck- Barleydog


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