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Very effective burbot rigging.... PICTURES BACK UP!

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Last night, from 9:45 to 11:45.  These were the ones kept for Easter dinner.  No monsters, really good eaters.  The rod is 28" long to give you an idea of the size. 

God bless,


Was very warm today.  Snow melting very fast now, the end is coming quicker than usual.

Have a great Easter Sunday, Everyone!


Yukoner - I rigged 2 spoons, one similar to your pic and and another with  ruby eyes, caught a pike (jack here) on a tip-up for the hook trimming and did my best jigging, but no luck. There are burbot in the lake and we did catch one 29" on a tip-up, so being an amateur the result to be attributed entirely to my lack of knowledge of fish habits and hole placement. I am going to get electronics and read everything I can this summer so next season will be different. Thanks for the tip - it is filed for the future.

Odd you say that because a guy on Alaska Outdoors contacted me and told me he caught ten using it between 11:00 PM and 1:00 AM on Saturday night.  gorf37 on the other hand, who posted here, tried it and drew a blank, however he and his fishing buddy limited out using glow baits the same night.

Certainly, it may not always work.  I went out last night with my lovely wife to purposely try our luck in 40KM winds.  She caught three using a green glow tube bait just off the bottom in 40 feet, while I was still waiting for a hit.

Interesting stuff,

Just bought some of the new glow Len Thompson spoons. Might be effective for this rig. Filing for next winter.


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