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Re: 9:45 on a Tuesday..
« Reply #23730 on: Jun 11, 2021, 06:42 AM »
Good Morning ER's hoping for some rain today or tomorrow;last chance for a week or more. Droughts everywhere it's sad.

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Re: 9:45 on a Tuesday..
« Reply #23731 on: Jun 11, 2021, 07:34 AM »
Good Morning Everyone,
  56* with low humidity and dew points, high of 70 today!!   :clap:

  OG...hope that rain reaches you today!   :thumbsup:  of luck with the fishing over the weekend!   :thumbsup:
  Wally...glad you hooked into a couple of walleyes to avoid the skunk anyway!  Sure was a nice day to be out on the water...better luck next trip out!   :thumbsup:, that’s terribly expensive for the shot! X2 on Wally’s reply, hope there is a cheaper wishes!  :cookoo:  Enjoy the visit today, sounds like a good idea letting the young buck take care of the trees for you.   :thumbsup: :clap:
  Jeff...excellent news on your MIL being released, will keep her in thoughts and prayers.  Beautiful weather for your staining project today, be careful on the ladders Sir!  :thumbsup:  Appears our work down at the Plaza is all done, understand they are going to sub contract out most all of the work we performed in the past.
  Steve...hope you get a chance to watch the sectional games, best of luck to Cornwall.  :thumbsup:  Had a spare belt for the garden tractor which was a plus,  picked up another one yesterday to have on hand when my luck runs out again, lol.
  Marv...that type of weather forecast belongs in Vegas, just brutal, dang!  Hope the AC was working well yesterday!  :o  Best wishes on a cooler temps moving in soon!   :thumbsup:
  Dave...thanks for sharing the awesome pictures, the new trailer looks great!!  :bow:   :clap:
  FH4...hope you have a great wrap to the week today and no delays on the flights back of luck!   :thumbsup:

  The fishing was pretty good yesterday, caught a mixed bag of trout, a few pickerel, and some sizable bluegills. The trout were all fairly small, stockers that must have been put in not too long ago, but they were fun. Had some errands to run with my wife, so got off the lake by 10:30am. Might get a night trip in this weekend with one of the boys if the weather cooperates.
  We ended up getting some pretty good thunder/lightning storms here Wednesday afternoon/evening. Picked up another inch of rain according to the gauge. Catching up on the lawn work again as soon as the sun dries up the dew....Cawfee’s still on!   ;D
  Have a great day all, be safe, best of luck to those fishing!

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Re: 9:45 on a Tuesday..
« Reply #23732 on: Jun 11, 2021, 09:58 AM »
Eddie, I'm in complete agreement with WW and had been going to post the same idea!! I'm sure you could find enough side jobs to keep you busy and if you worked strictly for cash, it would reduce your tax burden!! Good luck making your decision!!!  :thumbsup: :flex: ;)2 :whistle: :bow:
My two favorite college football teams are Ohio State and whoever's playing Michigan!!!

Don't reel against the drag!!!

Ex Minnesnowta lad! You can take the lad out of Minnesnowta, but you can't take Minnesnowta out of the lad!!

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Re: 9:45 on a Tuesday..
« Reply #23733 on: Jun 11, 2021, 01:41 PM »
Well sitting in Denver again headed home and not looking forward to Temps next week 100 and above for three days at least. I am going to melt. The ICP parts never arrived so milked it along trying to get what I needed done what a long day/week that made it getting data. Not the best way trying to get correlation data together and all the other data needed to show the instrument is reading true. Might see if the wife wants to sneak out to the lake at least there we can dip to cool off. Have a good one and stay safe out there in this heat.

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Re: 9:45 on a Tuesday..
« Reply #23734 on: Jun 11, 2021, 08:04 PM »
It's been raining for 2 days straight here.
Supposed to continue until the morning.
Cool in the low 50's as well.

At least the rain will be taking care of the ice in the lakes.

FYI, plenty of cabin porn coming up later this month.
Am off on vacay starting on June 25th for 40 days. :)

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Re: 9:45 on a Tuesday..
« Reply #23735 on: Jun 11, 2021, 11:02 PM »
 Good evening pleasant day here with high temperature in the middle seventies and less humidity. I was off from work tonight so was able to attend the NY.section 9 class B (high school student population between 765-1'059 students) Boy's lacrosse championship game between Wallkill"Panthers" and Highland "Huskies". Wallkill got off to a fast start and was leading by four goals to one after the first period the game ended with Wallkill winning the game and championship thirteen goals to five. The sectional championship games are usually played at a neutral site this year however they were played at the higher seeded team's home field. So Wallkill had a large fan turnout I estimate five hundred or more people attended the game between fans/supporters of the two schools.
Ice wanderer happy to read your MIL is out of the hospital may they have her blood pressure under control. Remember to mask off any thing you don't want stained before using the airless sprayer. I think you may have mentioned that your part time neighbors from Cornwall had sold their property by you. I assume they received a good sum of money when they sold the family business and right to use their name for so many years. Good for them May they enjoy traveling around the United States.
Hunts2long may you have a good visit with your wife's cousins. I hope Randy did a good job trimming the trees.
Wallyworld glad you had good weather and a nice day at the lake,next trip may you find the actively feeding walleyes.
Zcm-28 good to read the rain stayed south of you and water level on the river is receding . Best to you on finding the carp on the next trip.
Old Goat may your area of WI. see some of the rain it needs before things get to bad.
Eddie good you had a spare belt for the lawn tractor,smart thinking purchasing another one to have when needed in the future. May you get in the night trip with your sons this weekend. I think you misread my post from Thursday Cornwall's boys varsity lacrosse season ended on Wednesday when they lost their sectional semifinal game. I had dark skies ,thunder and lightening on Wednesday between 6;30 and 8 PM but no rain.
Fish/hunt4ever may you and your wife be safely back home i hope the wait in Denver was not to long. Sorry to hear the parts for the ICP machine never arrived making it a very long week for you on the job. May you get some wind/breezes along with the coming heat. Enjoy yourselves if you get out to the lake this weekend.
OldSailor hope all is good with you and the family. May your garden be producing some other vegetables besides the radishes.
Drifter-016 may you see some sunny days in the coming week. Enjoy the coming vacation I hope you have nice weather for the majority of it and can knock a few more things off the cabin build list. Looking forward to the cabin porn.

Everyone have a good and safe weekend.

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Re: 9:45 on a Tuesday..
« Reply #23736 on: Today at 05:12 AM »
58* and some light showers.
WW and Eddie, way to go, you got some fish. I heard the water temp here is in the low 70's.

I see and HEAR the big hi-performance boats are in town for the weekend. Talked to one yesterday who told me his will hit 110/120 mph. Good weekend to stay off the lake.

Still have a few things to do before the company gets here.

Have a good day and be well...h2l
Northville, NY


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Re: 9:45 on a Tuesday..
« Reply #23737 on: Today at 05:45 AM »

              Good morning H2l, ER's,
                       It's 55* and mostly clear here on my hill. ::)
                       H2l.........Just like ice fishing and Wally's theory is to stay off the lake on weekends when the crazies are out. :whistle:
                       Eddie......I'm glad you got out on the lake and caught some fish. :clap: I agree with the others and you should semi retire
              and pick up some side work till you can fully retire. :unsure: You're like me, get 2  belts so when it goes again you have it. :thumbsup:
                       Steve.....My plan is to use a brush around the windows and doors. It will be a while before I'm at that point. I ran in to an old
              friend yesterday at the grocery store and he gave me a lead on a guy that has a man lift for far less than a rental place, and the guy
              lives a couple of miles away. :clap:
                       Marv......I hope the temperature out there has lowered some so you can get outside to do whatever. :unsure:
                       Dave......Around here rain is the best thing for getting rid of that spring ice, I hope it rid of the last ice so you can get out to the cabin. :flex: :flex:
                       Fish........Good idea on going to the lake to fish and if it gets too hot you can go for a swim to cool off. :thumbsup:
                       z............I hope the water levels are receding in your area. :unsure:
                       Yesterday I got the front siding stained, it came out good. I still have the railing and deck to go, oh and the soffit and facia in the front .
                       I'm not sure if I'm going to do staining today, I have another project I want to get done. I have some old pallets and left over pieces of
              lumber that I think I'll burn up.
                       I hope everyone has a good Saturday either at work or out. Stay Safe and Healthy.


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Re: 9:45 on a Tuesday..
« Reply #23738 on: Today at 06:20 AM »
Ok, I escaped the 90 + weather in Denver to 54* Here in Olympia. 27 hours on the road, got in 9:10 Got the boat parked, and RV  setup, replaced an electrical outlet that was where they plug their RV in.  Got a 6 hour nap and feel like I could use another one.
Will let the dust settle before figuring out what next.  Will try my hand at taking pictures between the rain drops  ;D

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Re: 9:45 on a Tuesday..
« Reply #23739 on: Today at 07:08 AM »
Good Morning Jeff, H2, Bud, Morning Everyone,
  Pretty steady rain falling here and 56*, suppose to end within an hour, high of 70 today.

  Jeff...sure was a nice day to spend outside yesterday, sounds like the staining is moving along well for you, nice! Good luck with the lift, hope everything works out with that, they sure come in handy!!  :thumbsup: 
  H2...definitely a good time to stay off the water with the dragsters running around! Couldn’t imagine what going over a 100mph in a boat must feel like...think I’ll stick with my Jonboat and electric trolling motor for now!  ;D  Enjoy the company today.   :thumbsup:
  Bud...glad you had a safe trip, get some rest and best of luck with the fishing....will be looking forward to your reports!!   :clap: :thumbsup:
  Steve...glad you had a chance to attend the game, good sized crowd! Congratulations to Wallkill on their victory!   :clap:   
  Dave...the warmer temps and rain should get that ice off soon, we’ll be anxiously waiting to hear when the launch is ready!!  :clap: :thumbsup:
  FH4...hope those problems you had to deal with all week are far behind you now...enjoy the weekend with your family now!   :bow: :thumbsup:
  OS/Wally...thank you,  things are looking to go just that way at the moment!   ;)2 :thumbsup:

  Caught up on all the lawn work yesterday and like Jeff, had a nice fire getting rid of a bunch of old lumber and some pallets I had hanging around.    Granddaughter has a T-ball game scheduled at 10am, but I believe that will be canceled, the field will be way to wet.
  Was speaking to my wife yesterday after we finished up all the garden and yard work and wondered how the heck we could get everything done in the past with all kids and work going on, lol. Long story short, decided to set up another meeting this week with my Union Hall and see exactly where I stand at this point with retiring. I hate the thought of losing percentages of my retirement being so close to 62, but I’m reaching the point where putting on a hard hat and safety gear to go slam block in a wall all day or pour a ton of concrete in hot weather is sitting pretty low on my list now also, lol. Will keep you posted!     ;D
  Cawfee’s still hot if anyone needs a refill....
  Have a great day all, be safe, best of luck to those fishing!

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Re: 9:45 on a Tuesday..
« Reply #23740 on: Today at 07:57 AM »
Good morning everyone :bow:

69 degrees, may make the mid 90's later today. The big news.... Les is in town :thumbsup:

Glad to see everyone is up and firing on all cylinders :thumbsup:

Bud...some heavy duty hours on the road. Hope you are able to get on some water and get into some fish :thumbsup:

IW....once a fire gets going it's unbelievable how much other stuff you find to throw on it. Enjoy your day :thumbsup:

Eddie....Hope you get a favorable report from the union hall :thumbsup: It seems the side work just trickles in. My biggest problem is sorting out which jobs I want and which ones to pass on. I have no interest in buying bigger equipment to take on bigger jobs, so I have to decide what's left in my tank. This past couple weeks I had no interest in even looking at trees Lol.

The girls have decided to head north tomorrow for the week. It's going to be quiet around here :whistle:

Hope you all have a good Saturday :thumbsup: Stay safe and keep healthy.


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Re: 9:45 on a Tuesday..
« Reply #23741 on: Today at 08:36 AM »
Morning all,

IFF......good to hear you're settled for the moment  :thumbsup:  good luck on the water  :flex:

MrC.....glad you were able to attend the game  :clap:  nice that things are starting to return to "normal"  :thumbsup:

FH4......enjoy the down time and water therapy  :whistle:

Eddie....congrats on the catching  :clap:  pulling the plug on working is always a scary concept, but you'd be amazed how quickly you adapt both mentally and financially, good luck with the number crunching  ;)2

IW......hope you get a chance to launch the toon sometime soon  @)

WS......glad to hear Les is visiting finally, hope he sticks around awhile  :thumbsup:  best of luck to MrsWS and sister on the fishing trip  :flex:  planning on joining them for a day or two  ???

H2L.....those speeds are insane  :o   :nono:  by the time your brain could register a hazard it would be too late to do anything about it  :pinch:

Had a few sprinkles overnight, not even enough to register in the rain gauge  ::)  seems all the rain has stayed east or north of us lately  :-\  think we've had less than 1/2" in the past week or so  :blink:

Have a good day. Stay safe, stay healthy.

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Re: 9:45 on a Tuesday..
« Reply #23742 on: Today at 08:38 AM »
Oh what a relief it is. 57* when I got up. I had to shut off the fans during the night. We still have not had a good rain.

ww You should have been with me this spring. YOU might have gotten rid of your fear of snakes. I noticed a blue racer snake sticking out of my burn pile. It was cold enough that it was semi dormant. It let me pet it. My son saw it out of the pile a few days later. He said it was almost 5 foot long.

The only time a snake scared me was when our only venomous snake, Massasauga, rattled at my feet while I was trout fishing. I played Superman and jumped the  creek in a single bound. I could not find it when I went looking for it. I I do not understand why I was worried about it as I had hip boots on.

Marv You can keep those +100 degrees temps out there. The wife's two sisters have moved to Fla. The want us to move down there. NO WAY! I could not stand the heat in the  summer. If it was not  for that I would move as I like the FLA governor.

Time  to get some lawn work done before it warms up.

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Re: 9:45 on a Tuesday..
« Reply #23743 on: Today at 12:19 PM »
Well I have been ready to hit the lake for a few hours now just trying to get the wife moving away from the work around the house, computer, and visiting then we can head out. She is not wanting the heat but she is the one dragging her feet oh well all I have it time right now. So we made it home and then just rested the last of the day and then headed to bed to catch up on some sleep. Hopefully will post some fish later better head and find out what is keeping the wife now went to get ice and not back yet. Have a good Saturday.

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Re: 9:45 on a Tuesday..
« Reply #23744 on: Today at 12:22 PM »
91° here at the moment, heading for a forecast high of 93, and fairly muggy.

Went up north a bit to try for bowfin at dawn and I did get one, plus a smallie, a bluegill, and a stupid softshell turtle. I had a 2nd bowfin, but lost it to a biteoff trying to get the net under it. It was 80° before the sun was even up, so I called it a trip around 9am, because it got nasty quick once the sun broke the treetops.

Might go hit some local water for rough fish in the evening after it cools off, if the 50/50 shot of t-storms this afternoon is a miss. The water level has dropped off nicely the past few days, so I'm hoping we end up dry today.

I should probably mow the lawn in case it does rain, but it can wait until tomorrow  ;D


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