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Went out for a quick burbot bash last night with a friend.  Brought nine nice ones back, four of which ended up in our sink.

Dropper rig with pike skin strips and glow jigs were responsible.  One will be fried in butter and garlic for supper tonight, the rest into the freezer.

Crazy warm here for this time of year.  Ice not going to last long.


Brought six really nice ones off the lice last night.

The top 15-20 inches of ice is very hard, the next 10-15 is essentially slush.  That's it for me!


Thanks for the link. Reelbait jigs with worms

Got a supply of fresh pike skin for the burbot rig Saturday afternoon.

Actually, this gal went back down the hole, but there were others. Brought two home for some great eatin'. :)


They are really on the move now, Folks.  Not hard at all to get a good feed of fish to take home.

Dropper rigs and glow jigs are both hot.  Just add a strip of pike skin and jig slowly barely inches off the bottom.  Occasionally, pound the bottom with the spoon or jig, then dead stick the bait a bit of the bottom for 5-10 seconds before resuming the slow jigging.  The strike can come at any time during this sequence, but often when dead sticking, especially on the jig.

Process using whatever seasoning and method you prefer. Sometimes we steam it, or boil it in heavily-salted water to make Poor Man's Lobster.  Last night it was fried in cornmeal dressing. :)

The skeletons fry up nicely too, unless we use them for chowder stock.



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