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my first one of the year 2.5lbs

my second one and a personal best 26 inches and 4.45 lbs

Here is a photo of myself putting my nights catch of eelpout on the board last weekend at the 27th International eelpout festival in Walker, Mn.  The winner was a young lady with a 14 lb Pout and the top 6 were all over 10lbs.  I wasnt that lucky caught 4 pout the biggest 2 lbs.  They are all cleaned and eaten next weekend at a big fish fry! 

Here is a photo of the winner, Taylor Morrill with her winning 14.62 lb Pout!  Check out the size of the trophy!

Here is the wife and I a few days ago with some of the bigger ones. Mine was 14 lbs and hers was 14.5 lbs ;D

A few from this season and last.......


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