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i was just wondering if any one could tell me a good place in cental alberta.... if there is any..., to catch perch frequently. and how to catch them in this spot. thanks anytips on methods and hooks would be helpful. ???

I don't call myself a perch fisherman by any means, because I have not fished for them very long.  We fish gull lake quite a bit.  Mainly because we can get some action out of one species or another.  

I would not call it a perch lake, but we have caught quite a few keepers.  The bite is not frequent, but between that, jigging for whites and tip-ups for pike we keep busy enough.  To give you an example, our group of 4 with a couple of kids last weekend iced 2 whites, 10 perch and 4 pike (one was 16lbs).  The perch bite was not steady, I only had 2 all day.  But every fish caught was 8-10 inches.  No little ones.

You can find them pretty much everywhere.  We fish in 8-12' of water.  We have caught them in birch bay, guys catch them at brownlows landing (spelling).  I dont know much about the north end, I think thats pretty much whitefish country.

You can use pretty much any jig.  Yellow / chartruse works well, tipped with a couple of maggots.  Inches from the bottom, I use a marmish so I can litteraly put the jig an inch from the bottem.  No question.

Hope that helps.

Hi Oagie,
Finally someone who uses a marmish:) I have never fished gull but have fish thunder and wabamun. In thunder there are a TON of medium sized perch and the odd jumbo. AT Wabamun, i know that there r HUGE jumbos in there but it is very difficult to locate them. I think I might try gull lake soon. What do u use for whites? And do wataskiwin specials work? Thanks:)

Ya i bought that overpriced rod. :-[  I have a habit of walking out of the tackle shop with some new wonder lure/tackle.  I think they see me coming.  Anyway, works well for what its intended, the light bite, but I am not used to it yet.  I lost a nice white last weekend with it.  Broke off under the hole and took my fancy 2 dollar marmish jig with it.  I guess I shouldn't complain, I'm the one who bought it (and went back and bought more jigs). :-[ :-[

No not a ton perch (at least what I have found) but some.  I have never spent a day and searched for them either.  I imagine there are some jumbo schools on the lake somewhere.  When you find them let me know.

As for whites, most people use wireworms on that lake.  Yellow is one of the prefered colors.  I know wetaskawin specials work well on pigeon and mcgregor.

Like I said, I fish gull because we can always find something to bite.  I did not mention the ling, but I have caught the odd one there as well.  I dont like them so I turn them loose, but some people do.

Anyway,  good luck.
Oag. :'(

Thanks for turning them loose Oagie, I love them. ;)


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