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jumbo whites

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Until this week I have never heard of a "wire worm" and now you are the second person to mention one for whitey fishin....wierd.

I have never fished for Whiteys in that shallow of water!!!  How deep does the lake get?  I looked it up on Google Maps and it isn't a very big lake.


we catch this size all day long at Lk. Diefenbaker in Saskatchewan...littera ly tubfulls if we worms either. In the early summer they fight like no tomorrow. The biggest we have witnessed coming out is 11lbs. but did hear of a 13lb. My guess is (the above person) is using some sort of small  spinner or jighead...really not sure what the big secret is because what works in one place my not work in another. For instance..we use a trout pellet tied up in a ladies nylon stocking so as not to loose the pellet and have to reload everytime. The reason this pellet system works so well is the fact that the fish were born and raised on pellets from a nearby trout farm..this would definaltely work elsewhere. Just my two cents worth.

Nice looking fish I hope to catch one some day ;)2

Nice fish man!

great fish


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