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jumbo whites

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hope to catch more of these buggers in the next 2 weeks :D
Pegion lake, alberta
nice jumbo's

Wow!  Those are nice.  The 2nd one is so fat!  Well, I hope to join you on that front.  Best part is Mulhurst is only 30 minutes from my front door now....hmmm....maybe time to sneak out for an early morning soon.

Good luck out there.   May jumbos decorate your life shortly  ;D

did you mean Pigeon lake??

anyways, those are some fantastic Whiteys!!!   How deep did you catch them?   I love how they fight, always trying to sound.

Great Smoked too...mmmmm!

Good Fishing :tipup:

Thanks guys :D oh yeah those baby's give a fight, its ridiculous how you see those big of fish on the camera!

Mulhurst is madd for late season whites. the bigger ones start moving.
there was a guy who pulled in a 7lb white about 25 yards from us.
biggest in the pictures is 5.6 i belive

7 feet of water, but i aint tellin u the hook. it aint no wireworm. and works fantastic!

uploading more pictures for you to see.

Good fishin,


Yes its pigeon lake :D sorry for the error


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