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Anybody out this weekend?

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Nuke Ab:
I was out on thursday, damn cold. No real success, a pal of mine hooked up a 10lb 5 oz pike and we picked up a few hammer handles. Any body out in this weather?

Going out this afternoon.  Shelter with heat makes it quite pleasant.  The fish don't give a rat's @$$ what the weather is like.  A missed day can't be gotten back!!!!

Nuke Ab:
Here here, but 'i'm as sick as a dog right now from being out in my heated shelter!!! Good luck when you head out!!

P.s. Where you headed?


   I was out!!  Then I came right back in!!  it's -23 and windy down here!!  If you don't have a deluxe shelter,  prepare to freeze!!  


-23 we will get some good freezing now.  Maybe your quad wont break through anymore.  Have you been out on Travers latley?


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