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Any suggestions for hand held Augers in Calgary. Where to buy and what type etc?

frosty i have had 2 hand auger before i bought a gas and bad experances with the cheep ones i was at the lake the other day and there was man that had a purple 6" swede bour or fin bour i cant remember but i was drilling through 16 "of ice in seconds. All i know is buy a good one ;)

Josephs Prairie:
The auger he is talking abou is Called a NorMark Swede-Bore Pro. Yes it is purple and it has a double off-set hand for speed. I own in an 8" and it can beat a gas powered auger most times. They are a bit more money but well worth it. I find you don't need to push the auger through the ice it does the work for you, unlike other's that have the cap handle on top. You can probably find one at Wholesale Sports.

Thanks for the help. I went and bought one at Barroto's and it worked well

i just have a stuiped hand auger it sucks.


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