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is i leagal to night fish alberta cnanada.

Yes, in most cases.  Many lakes however have specific regs, some of which only permit fishing during certain hours.

thanks Trevor for the valuable info do you or anyone else night fish in alberta.

I sometimes fish well into the evening for walleye.  Some guys nightfish for burbot and 'eyes also.  Also there is a particular species of chironimid that hatch during the night around the first of August, on a lake I fish.  Big rainbows cruise with their backs out of the water gorging themselves on the pupa trapped in the surface film...they hatch all night and the rainbows usually feed until well after midnight...

Tight lines,

thanks trevor im 16 and ive never fished specifacly at night just at dusk i just bought some glow jigs and i was wondering if u had any ideas were to fish at nigh in AB. ;


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