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Fishmaster Cid:
Hi... im new to the northwest and was wondering where the good ice fishing spots were this time of year...

Ice Gido:
Hi Fishmaster Cid,  Welcome to the Northwest, hope  you are enjoying your stay here.  Where in the Northwest are you?  I'm in Terrace and normally spend most of my time on Lakelse Lake. The Lakelse is not ready for fishing yet, so I've been hitting the small lakes close to home -- been catching some nice 14/15 inch cuthroat.

Ice Gido:
Terrygonefishing, thanks for the tips. Checked out the eelpout link and next time I'm in contact with the CO's I'll be quizing them.

They are very free with their info. Just tell them what you are after. I phone them up frequently during the winter to see where the most ling are being caught, what sizes and of course what people are catching them on.(as they have to check lines) Local sporting goods stores are sometimes OK but as far as icefishing goes I think alot of them prescribe to the notions of sitting on the ice and waiting for the fish to come to them in as their fathers and grandfathers have taught them. I'm sure the stores out your way are more geared to summer river fishing. I usually fish from 3pm till dark for trout then out comes the glow in the dark jigs for burbot after that time. I find the best bite for burbot comes the first 2 hrs after the sun goes down. Also excellent in late Feb-early March as they are spawning at that time. Good luck .

Mad Max:
Hello there.  New here just this evening.  Saw your note and thought I'd respond.  I am also in B.C. - Prince George to be exact.  I like to ice fish but have not had many opportunities lately.  This year the ice is nice and thick already and there is a fair bit of snow now so hope to get out for some rainbow and brookies soon.  How has the fishing been in your area Ice Gido?

--- Quote from: Ice Gido on Dec 05, 2003, 12:02 AM ---Hello everyone.  Checking to see if are any active ice fishers in Northwest BC.   ??? Seems all the forums are to the east.  It would be nice to hear from someone closer.  I've been practicing most of my hardwater tactics in the Hazelton, Meziadin and Terrace areas.

Anyone out there?

--- End quote ---


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