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there isn't a catagory for whitefish so i'll ask here.  does anyone have any tips on catching them? especially locating them in rivers in the winter.

Jake,  Good to see you found the forum.  Gotta have some whitefish anglers here?  Have you fished Paxson or Summit for whitefish?

If your fishing for river whitefish just bottombounce some royal coachman flies tipped with at single spike.  Alot of guys use a bent coathanger for a weight so the don't get caught up on the rocks so much.  Tie the hanger at the end of your line and then just tie a few hooks up the line (assuming more than one is allowed in your area).  From my experience location isn't that important as they're usually spread out all over although I've noticed they do seem to move to slower pocket water and backbays in the winter.  The main thing is ya want that bait as snug to bottom as you can get and you'll catch'em.  If the river is frozen over you can still use the same technique but fishing straight up and down.  In that case I like to use a little slip bobber to detect the light bites or you can always do some sight fishing as they are usually in 15' of water or less.  Good luck.  

Whitefish have small mouths and feed near the bottom. You will find them stacked up in deep pools,find one and you will find a bunch getting ready for the spawn.
use small flys 16,18,20-chartreuse caddis larve,scuds,sows,brassies.
make sure to get  enough weight to get close to the bottom.

Thanks guys i'll have to try that, I have been fishing in 20 - 25 feet of water, maybe i'll try a little shallower then, and a couple small flies, maybe tipped with some shrimp meat what do you think?  Thanks barleydog for directing me here its been a real help.  I have fished paxson, for lake trout.  Did catch a 18 inch hmpback whitefish there though.


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