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Too Tropical in Montana

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hook'm n cook'm:
Its too tropical in central MT.  We were thinking about a weekend in Southern Alberta.  Wheres a good place to find Pike?  Walleye or Perch are good too.  Of course we need to be near good beer and cigars since we are leaving the wives at home.  ;D  

Where would you be crossing the border at?  

hook'm n cook'm:
We will probably be crossing at Sweetgrass, but we could cross at Wildhorse too.  I am in Great Falls so its about 50/50 either way.

Ya may want to try here...

Milk River Ridge Reservoir
 May 8 to Mar. 15 - Walleye limit 1 over 55 cm; Pike limit 3 over 63 cm; Lake Whitefish limit 10; Burbot limit 10.

This is between Coutts and Lethbridge.

No perch but there are whitefish.  I haven't fished it as I rarely get that far south but I know there is suppose to be some quality walleye fishing there.  If your goal is to keep Walleye Alberta isn't the place as there is alot of pressure for the number of lakes we have so they have taken a beating and are quite heavily protected in all waters.  Sorry for the run on sentence:)

Good luck

hook'm n cook'm:
Thanks!  We are probably looking to Pike fish more than anything. We like to keep a few, but with the long trip we may release most of them anyway.  I am up for anything at this point.  A Canadian adventure sounds great right about now.


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