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Does anyone knows what is the water like at McGregor Lake this time of the year? Am I be able fish off the shore? Any other good place to fish in this weather? ;)

From what I have been reading people were out on the ice this past weekend at McGregor.

As for other places to winter fish, there are lots, what are you targeting?

HoneyPig: the lake is only good for ice-fishing now!? Well, I just want to fish somewhere near Calgary, within 2hrs drive, and not much of a hike in. Since I don't have much luck fishing at the Bow river in the city limit. Any good idea?

You will only be ice fishing in the winter around Calgary unless you head down to the Bow.

Chain Lakes South
Lake Newell
Keho Lake
Spray Lake
Ghost Lake
Dickson Dam

There's a few for ya for ice fishing.

unlucky, I don't have the needed toys and gears for ice-fishing. And most of my friends are fly-fishermen. No one ever take me out for ice-fishing. So, I guess the only change that I can fish now is at the Bow river  :'(


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