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Let's Hear Your Prediction for First Ice in Alberta

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Walks on Water:
I got on 3" north of Edmonton on the 11th. Closer to 5" the next day on a different, shallower lake.

Been out half a dozen times since then on four different lakes and have found good, safe ice everywhere I've been. Like eyeflyer mentioned, 8 inches or better is what I'm seeing the last couple days.

-27 (C) this morning, suppose to be around that for the next week or so............should be good to go after that.

11" on the small lake I fish in East Central Alberta. Not enough for me to drive on but buddy phoned and said he is going out with his SXS to plow open access and pull the shacks out. Tomorrow the shack goes out.  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Walks on Water:
It was close to a foot on Mons the other day. Fishing was slow.

Contemplating braving the wind tomorrow, but good sense may prevail. : )

Got the shack out today, about 11" ice so used the buddies SXS. Not much snow on the ice but he had to plow some drifts about 3-4' deep to get down to the lake.


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