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First Indiana outing of 2022


Hit a small pond in Newton County from about 8am to just after noon today. Ice was 5-7.5" of good clear, and it was singing and popping all morning in that cold. The bite was decent until about 9, and then really slowed down. It was complely dead by 11:30. The fish were still around, they just lost interest in feeding.

Ended up catching 11 gills that were mostly dinks, one decent crappie that was a shade over 11" and one small bass. Lost a couple more bass about the same size at the edge of the hole.

almost a species grand slam!

yesterday there was puddles all over.  by the time we walked off at 1130 they were all frozen up.  another cold snap to jerk the bite around some more.

I'm not sure what all is even in that pond. I did see a small catfish or bullhead cruise under me.

The ice was just snot slick glare, too. That bit of snow melting off Tuesday was like a zamboni. Setting up with that breeze early was a bit of a pain.


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