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Ice conditions at Red Bridge ?

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Anyone been out on Missy on either side of Red bridge ? Ice safe and good to go ? -Thanks

Well, over 300 views to this post and no one replied, so I drove the 25-mile trip and checked things out. Long story short, I would not be out on the ice there this weekend. Maybe by Monday but would be very careful. Carry on.

"The warden" and I took a ride around missy last Monday.  We checked out the ice from the bridge
and decided it was a great day to look for eagles. (saw 17 different birds). the lake was frozen over,
but  the ice was multi colored and sketchy looking.  I've spent most of this week punching holes and
dock hopping the local resi.

fish on,


Just made the hour and 15 minute drive over and turned around and came home. There where 3 guys out from the ramp that said they were on 5 1/2 inches but said they only caught 1. They did say they had done cracking under their feet a few times. Being no one else was there and the bad report I came home.

Sorry i didnt get back to you all before now. I was away from my computer since weds. Ice is very good where i've been on both Resi's. The bite is not good on Missy but very good on Sally. Ice was really popping Sunday morning as it was hardening up.


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