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Picture and Avatar Posting Etiquette  PLEASE READ

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Picture posting etiquette

No Advertising

No posting of copyrighted materials:
Images/writings you do not own or have the right to use should not be posted. Do not link images from within other websites unless you have permission to do so.

Image Size Height - Width:
Image width should be less than 400 pixels. If your images are larger please resize them to a maximum of 400 pixels.

Image File Size:
For users on a slow modem waiting for huge pictures to load can get annoying. For faster image load speeds convert your images to .jpg and compress them using a jpg compressor to a file size of less than 60KB. You can find online jpg compressors here at these links :

Profile Picture:
The latest version of forum software lets you add your own picture to your profile. The profile pic loads in every post and if the pic files size is to large it can really slow the board down. Profile pics will only be allowed if the are less than 120-pixels_height by 120- pixels_width.

I recently registered and I have trouble understanding (or actually finding where to look) to see how to post my photo as part of my profile.  It indicates an "http" so am I to understand the photo must come from a WEB PAGE, therefore I can't take a scanned photo as from my photo album?
I would appreciate anyone's assistance in this matter.  Thanks


--- Quote from: Colorado_Ice on Feb 14, 2004, 02:40 AM ---mrnavyx30,

Let me be among the first to say welcome aboard. :)

Please read this if you have not done so already:

Work through as many steps as you can and if/when you hit a snag post your
questions here and I or another member will do our best to help you.  :'(

--- End quote ---

The link is not working for me.  I had the same question as mrnavvyx



--- Quote from: bwalleye on Jan 10, 2006, 03:16 PM ---
The link is not working for me.  I had the same question as mrnavvyx

--- End quote ---


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