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Just curious if anyone has found something that is not the norm that you keep in your sled that makes for a better day on the ice.  I just got a new Nanook Xl thermal, and I am looking for ideas to pimp it out.  I jhave all the normal stuff as flasher, lights milk crates, heater.  Let me know your thoughts and if you try and get out soon be careful.

A foam seat cushion for my feet. I keep one for days I stop to fish on my way home from work. I can be out for a couple hours in my steel toe workboots and my feet stay tolerable with one under them.

Thanks for the tip.  I actually have a couple of those but never thought to use them as insulation for my feet.  I will try it out.

hardwater diehard:
Dollar store rubber backed door mats ..lots of extras ..scoops pliers ice anchors etc ..caribeners connected to a 12" piece of chain

Foam cushion seat or the interlocking foam mats. Just got a dozen of them 1/2" thick and I can't wait to try them out to further insulate the shack and my feet.

Also, I've got a fan/lantern combo piece that you can buy on amazon. It's very light so you can hang it from the top of the shack and use during lowlight periods, AND keep the fan on low to circulate heat.


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