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big brother:
I will volunteer for the first post on the Manitoba sub forum. This was  a very popular area years ago but times change!!Should anyone here be looking a rather scarce and somewhat expensive 10# propane tank Prairie Propane in  St Genevieve sell the tanks for $40 or$50. Price includes the propane fill. This was the cheapest price in all my searches before driving there. Even if you factor in the time/gas will still save a few bucks.

Nobody is talking anymore . I sure miss all the fishing tips I used to get here.

 ;D Must be a problem with the chain. ;D

Fisherman 1:
Got to admit I had 4 great years fishing at the reservoir in Rivers, MB back in the early 90's,  perch, pike and walleye.  Had a hut we put up on the west side just out from the park.

Blue Mago:
Sadly this forum isn't what it was a few years back , social media has taken it and for those of us who aren't on any platforms it's a huge disappointment .........Kinda hard to get any info as to whats happening and such


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