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How's the water level in your neighborhood? Things are good in the SW corner of the state but we were flooding down here while it was a drought up north. So just curious how things are looking around the rest of the state? Gonna start driving around scouting access points and roads this weekend with a little detour over to the Poor Peoples Pub, haven't had a pub pizza for a year lol...

I’d say things are close to normal in the Lebanon Area. My home lake is a little tough to gauge since there is a dam in place which also causes some fluctuation.

Things in my area are at normal level or higher.

Pubs always good not to far from me

25 mins tops

water levels are good down in southeast parts pretty much normal although they came out this year and said not to eat a lot of fish from a few lakes down here  Canobie is one Beaver lake and a few others because of PFAS. But that said the pub is always a good stop buddy of mine has a place on lovell frequent the pub alot.

Levels are very good around the Pub area, I’ve been up that way all month hunting…


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