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--- Quote from: IceAddict87 on Jan 13, 2022, 10:36 PM ---Kabeleís? Kidding. I would agree with Stanís. They have anything you could need, priced fairly, the spikes and waxies are fresh and good quality. Anytime you ask for about some info they are more than willing to help a guy out.

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I've been stopping and trying to give the majority of my business to Stan's. For the exact reason you just mentioned. They will give a guy truthful and decent information to help a guy narrow stuff down. Not only that if you call they won't go into detail like when you are in the store, but they will still give you the highlights.

ia bhtr:
Likewise , Stans is getting my business , always polite and helpful , I do miss having Travis in there tho , more knowledgeable and unlike what others have said , he gave me some really good deals on equipment , altho on bait I just paid whatever price was charged and thought nothing more about it , so possibly was paying to much there


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