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I'm still here but.....


blue igloo:
Hi All,
I'm now a Mesa Arizona resident during the winter months........usually October to April. Second year down here and enjoying early retirement... playing lots of tennis (joined a senior men's competitive league), some golf and some pickleball among other things. This is my FIRST visit in a long time to Iceshanty Forum. This year, I'm heading back to Canada the first week in March so I'm hoping to get a chance to wet a line and drill a few holes! Hopefully I have something good to post and I'm wishing for good ice and weather  ;D
Blue Igloo  :tipup:

Water Wolf:
Hiya Blue,long time no see. ;D
Enjoy your time down there and good luck ice fishing when you make the trip back to the cold North country. :tipup:


blue igloo:
Well I made it back in early March just before COVID-19 suddenly became a big thing. The new family arrival we were going home for was born early when we were on our second day of our 4 day drive home. So what to do ??? GO ICEFISHING DURING WHAT WE REFER TO MARCH MADNESS !!!!! Made a few trips and finally got to taste some awesome fresh Walleye. We are staying home this winter to ride out this Covid and get the vaccine. Got to do some hunting with my son and grandson in November then started ice fishing shortly after. Did really well on my first trips. Lately the brutal winds have kept me off the ice. Not much ice around and no snow which is unusual for this time of the year??? My ice gear was in storage for 2 + years but all is well. Looking forward to making a few new posts once I hit the hard water again. Stay safe.....stay healthy and Merry Christmas to all  :tipup: :tipup: :tipup:


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