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Studies I have read say walleye see chartreuse and orange best but other studies I have read suggest fish "feel" your lure (lateral line) long before they see it. What brings them is vibration and then color may make a difference once they see it but they are usually pretty close already. When I decide to change a lure, it is usually to one with a different shape, finish, weight...........somet hing that gives off a different vibe. That said there are the odd time when a different color jig seems to trigger more bites. Nothing is 100% fishing figuring out what lure/presentation is working that day is all part of the fun.


--- Quote from: Iceassin on Jan 05, 2020, 09:32 AM ---Read part of an article the other day that said Walleye see orange better than any other color, followed by yellow. And red being the most difficult to see. Confirm or deny this finding???

--- End quote ---

That's been pretty much the general consensus for a long time. In the spring river run I always start with orange or pink. Sometimes chartreuse does better and one year it was a blue/white two-tone that slayed 'em. Also done well with red craw Rippin' Raps and lotsa stuff in firetiger.

I've seen the depth vs color before too. Do know that lures don't become "invisible" but their color just turns to shades of grey.

So many folks get hung up on color when they can't even get a location or other presentation details correct first. Depth and speed of your lure are nos. #1 and #2 with color being a distant 3rd. Not that color doesn't matter and fine tuning won't catch you more fish but you really gotta have everything else in order.

I simplify color selections by generalizing light, dark and in-between to start. So white, yellow and chartreuse are "light", black, brown and purple are "dark" and there's all kinds of in-between. I'll also say it seems like bass can be on the color picky side, especially with plastics but I've not noticed that very often with walleyes, perch or pike (my usual targets).


 For me anyway orange is not the top getter here , I fish a few others places , and the color and size vary

well that article says they lack blue and yellow color receptors....

hardwater diehard:


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