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Read part of an article the other day that said Walleye see orange better than any other color, followed by yellow. And red being the most difficult to see. Confirm or deny this finding???

I always had the best luck with the orange and brown floating rapalas

I am not a marine biologist nor a walleye so I only have an opinion.  As a SCUBA diver I believe red is the first color to disappear as you descend to deeper depths.  "Roy G. Biv", Red, Orange Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet.  These colors are determined by wavelength.  In very clear water, at extreme depths, the water "blues out".  That means all you see is a hue of blue.  But I am not sure what any of that means to a walleye and how it responds to a lure.  Most of the walleye waters I have fished are a far cry from clear.  Also my observations underwater of walleye is that they are one of the spookiest, cautious species I have seen.  They have attitude.  Perhaps for clear big waters where walleye suspend colors are more important than the "dirty" waters I have fished.  I usually try to mimic the local bait for surface lures and contrasting darker colors for jigs.

ice dawg:
Red will disappear first as depth increases according to the experts. They also say Walleye are colorblind  when it cones to yellow and blue. They say bass and northern see colors better than walleye.  Chartreuse is usually one of the best lure colors for me in summer, but I seem to catch them on all colors including yellow and blue depending on weather conditions. On darker days, blue or purple spinner blades can work best for me. I also have days when black works best.

Heres a little color depth chart.shows how far colors fade at depth.


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