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New to Ice fishing and am buying a used flasher, which one?

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I found some flashers online for sale. Both around $300. I donít know enough to make an educated purchase and am struggling to find the information I need online. My options are, a Vexilar fl-18, used lightly but old with a bad battery. Or a marcum m1, not sure how old it is, battery is fine. Which is better? Iím leaning towards the marcum just for the fact the battery works and the case is convenient. Any insight would be appreciated thank you!

Believe you will be able to find a brand new Marcum M1 at that $300 price tag...maybe less before the season starts.
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Hello Gnuff welcome to Ice Shanty. After seeing Masoneddie's post did a check on Vexilar's and Marcum's websites currently you  can get a reconditioned Vexilar Fl-18 Genz pack with 12 degree transducer for $349.99 plus shipping and taxes. Marcum has the M-1 with a 19 degree transducer listed at $359.99 plus shipping and taxes. Vexilars reconditioned units due come with a warranty these units may have been use by pro team members or sent in for repair whilel the flasher was still under warranty and Vexilar did an exchange sending out a new unit and then repairing the one sent in and now selling as reconditioned.Both of these flashers come with SLA (sealed lead acid batteries) believe you could find an SLA battery at Places like Tractor Supply company for around twenty five dollars make sure to get same voltage as current battery it is alright to increase the Amp hours(AH).

Here are links to Vexilar and Marcum's websites. Once you get a flasher check You Tube I know there are numerous Videos by Vexilar on flasher use/operation you might find helpful.      I hope this is of some help to you keep a watch on the best deals thread you might see a deal posted about either flasher.

Have a safe and good ice fishing season

my vote is recondition from vexilar  fl 18  ;D they have warranties  ;D



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