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Picture Posting Instructions (updated 9-15-017)

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Picture Posting Instructions

Added a postimage plugin to the sites!
Just click Add image to post when posting.

Your photos must be stored online in order to post them.

FULL List of photo storing sites

You can open a free account with  no account required*

For other photo storage sites that don't install the "img" codes onto your photo addresses, you'll have to add them manually.

The "Add BBC tags:" tool bar is at the top of every message dialog below the "Subject" dialog box and the "Message icon". In the lower row, click on the 2nd icon from the left...the "Insert Image" icon(it looks like a small picture).

The command [ img][/img] will appear in your text message.
Paste the address of your picture between the commands like this;
[ img]paste your image location here [ /img]
Be sure not to add any spaces or other characters.


--- Code: ---

--- End code ---

Preview your post to be sure your picture is there and then choose post.

Good job separating and sticking this post.  I used it to learn myself. 

The one thing that you do not mention and may want to add is that you can
resize your photo using the Photo Bucket edit feature.  I just hit resize-50%.

My computer has a real crappy intro version of Photo Shop and I find this much easier.

I have tried for four hours now, exactly as you say, nd no picture comes up, just the little box with an X, here is an example of what Ive done


Once it started downloading then stopped and ive tried 6 times and nothing. any ideas?


On is an "image link". Just "copy" that link, then click on the little icon (on Iceshanty post)that looks like a picture(it's the 2nd one from left side), this will appear--> [img][ /img]     Now just put your mouse pointer between the brackets in the middle and "paste" your image link.

It should look like this(except I added a space in the last "/img" so you could see it) ------> 
[img][ /img]

Its the link, not the code, gotcha.  Thanks a ton.


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