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Friday I went to culcuz lk lots of ice but lots of water on top some open spots and cracks. slow fishing. then went to cobb lk,access road was thick ice had to park on the top of the last hill cause the road down to the lake was covered in thick ice it was hard to climb back up on foot.Lake had water on 7 inches of ice. fishing was slow.Most lakes west of PG are wet

Are you guys going to update the update ? Lol

For Dec 10.

Vivian Lake  -  5-6 inches of ice, little snow.    Road plowed in to parking area at boat launch on Exer rd.     Brookies and Rainbows biting. Not many folks out there.

Eena Lake  -  5-6 inches of ice, little snow.  Roads in good.  Lake was busy.   Rainbows and kokanee biting. Fishing in 90 feet of water at about 5 to 10 feet deep.

Ferguson lake is about 1 this morning! Soon

is there any ice on any of the local lakes after this warm spell


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