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a guy fishin today


seen a 95 year old guy fishing today on a small pond here in wabash county
there is only 2" or so of ice on this pond
checked the back waters out looked like it was froze over except where some one had went out in a boat and busted thru all the way to the lake
didnt drill any hole but there seem to be 1-2" of ice
khun lake access was froze over and from what i could see the lake was mostly froze as well
the big guy at number one stop said there was 3" of ice on one of the channels around khun and i took it that a guy was fishing it from what he said
another day or 3 i might have to get out and try it

a guy 95 probably doesn't want to drill holes in ice over 2 inches thick anyway.  That might be tempting fate more than walking on thin ice.  I just hope my new clam guide shanty lasts that long cause it took me half a day to assemble.  I'll just pace the floor till I see 3 inches and hope a warm front doesn't come and wipe it away.

A 95 year old ice fisherman walks into a bar, spots a young lovely lady by herself, siddles up next to her and says 'so, do I come here often?'

 ;D ;D ;D ;DLOL ;D ;D ;D


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