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Cat's out of the bag....Again

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Indiana outdoors has listed the best places to ice fish in the december issue.  A few years ago it seemed like no one cared about ice fishing and now it's becoming the thing to do. I don't mind the respectul guys that are out there...but it seems like anytime something like this is in print it brings out the people who don't care about the sport and leave trash and stuff and then the guys that are serious are left holding the bag because of the few who don't care. I've lost fishing priveleges on too many farm ponds etc.. because of what other people have done. I know that all of you want to keep the access that we have..if you see someone being an idiot this year let'em know I've seen some of you and your not the small wimpy type... I am sure that they would listen if we spoke up to them..OK I'll shut up now but you all know what is being said..I just want to help curb that bad apples that ruin it for us

 I sure do agree with you !!  Less than three years ago i had about 20 differnt farm ponds i could go fishing at. Now i'm down to just one. All because of people leaving their trash behind ! The only reason i'm allowed to fish this one is because the farmer came out one day and saw me picking up trash others had left behind.
 Litter is one of the worse problems that face anglers today, and if i were a farmer i would'nt want to see all the litter, empty beer cans and bait containers that are left behind by anglers. The farmers don't mind anglers fishing on their property, but after seeing all the trash, they put up the no trespassing signs, can you blame them ?
 It only takes a few bad apples to ruin it for everyone else. Please everyone, pick up your trash !!!

We all should carry an extra bag and be sure to take more than we brought, it is just good for the sport. It dont matter if we are on public water or private be a good angler. Tight lines to everyone this year.

YR bender:
Amen to all of the above.

If I myself am on the ice and catch you throwing trash or leaving propane bottles on the ice,there will be a digital picture of the trash and you're liscense plate number to send to the DNR,me and Asphalt Kid have already been thru this at Summit with some rif-raft ice fishermen fom Greenfield,they went as far as to leaving trash and the carcusss of a 12" bass(which was to small to keep anyway) laying on the ice,I WENT OFF,and the Kid had the camera in the parking lot getting they're plate number,so if you're a litter bug,I'll give you a hint,dont get caught on summit littering or you'll get turned in,its really not that hard to pick up after yourself,have a good day and be safe,

                                                                                 Jimmy Lang


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