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Big Buddy Heater keeps turning Off

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Hey I have a Big Buddy Heater which created some trouble last time out on the ice. It kept shutting of. Has anyone else experienced it before? I have it hooked up to a 20 lbs tank which was more than half full, had it checked at co-op in Selkirk. I kept igniting it, it worked than for a few minutes, than it made a clicking sound and turned off. It didn't matter if I had it on Low, Medium or High Power. Plus I was in my tent, so there was no wind that could have turned it off. I used it all last winter too, never experiened anything like that. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

You may have tried all of this but if not, Double check all your connections are not sticking and that they are open for the gas to run freely.  Also the heater has to be on a level ground. Hope this will help you.

Put some alcohol on a q tip and carefully push it thru the pilot hole. I break the q tip down a little because it's just a bit too much cotton and causes the q tip to get jammed. You are basically looking to clean it out. I usually spin the q tip as I push it thru and out again. This has always fixed the problem.

It's probably not the name " pilot hole" but where the flames comes out, I think you get my drift.

Good to know, I will keep that in mind for my heater as well.

hardwater diehard:
You must have a filter with a large tank ..or the replacement hose that does not require a filter (cost a lil more ) regular hoses break down and the oils muck up the regulators an fuel lines . Lota video on youtube on how to clean them dollar store platic bodied q tips ...the heads fall off ...and a real pain to get out . also make sure you clean/clear the low oxigen sensor .Good luck .


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