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When I sign in, the top right says "Hey,...." but doesn't show any personal messages.  I had my boyfriend send me one, but it doesn't show up (it is going directly to my e-mail address).  I also have my preferences set to pop up when a new message is sent to me & that didn't happen either.

Please something set incorrectly?

everything is set correctly.....welcome aboard...once you have 1 post...everything will be there....hurry....hurr y.....Grump ;D ;D

Oh!  Thanks....guess I better get movin'...

Just wanted to test  ::), trying to figure out how the smileys show up  ;).

wait so i have to make 5 messages before my pm-ing option is available?
i dont understand how that works but ill be sure to post the he!! out of the site!! haha :D   ::) ::)


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