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What do you guys use for rods when whitefishing?  I've gone out a few times and are having trouble feeling the fish bite.  Do you use spring bobbers?

I have not tried a spring bobber.  I use a medium action rod and keep a close watch on the vex.  When they chase the lure up if you keep a slight tension on the lure you can feel when the rod loads up with a bite and usually hook them.  They can be really frustrating some days.  Lots of chasing with no real biting going on.

I use a light/medium rod that will show the slightest tick when the fish hit.

If I am fishing deep, ( deeper than 20') I use a 28 inch medium rod.
I use fireline crystal ice for fishing line, then a barrel swivel and about a 18" leader of 10 lb mono.

Hope this helps,


I use a Berkly Hot Ice rod. It is cheap(20 bucks) but it is very sensitive and comes with a reel. There is two types a heavyer one with four rings and a lighter one with three rings. If I am using small jigs I use the light one(2-4 puond I think it says) and if I am using bigger spoons or jigs I use the heavyer one with four rings(4-6 pound I think).

The rod that worked the best on our recent trip was a Jason Mitchell perch rod (medium-light).  I had a wire-type spring bobber on it and it made it quite a bit easier to notice the bite.  I know other factors can be involved, but of the three of us fishing, the other two people without spring bobbers each caught two fish and I caught 21.



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