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IRC Iceshanty chat

For those who can't get the chat to work, or want to use something more powerful for chatting try using Mirc or Xchat
Mirc Home Page | Mirc installation and setup FAQ | IRC Intro | Mirc FAQ |

Chat app settings

Specify your IRC server like this:
IRC Server:
Port: 6667

Once connected simply type: /join #iceshanty

IRC Commands

Chat room basic commands

/msg nickserv REGISTER password email
Make sure you remember the password you use when registering; you'll need it to make changes to your nickname  later. (Note that case matters!  You must include a valid E-mail address when registering your nickname; NickServ will send a message with an authentication code to this address, which you must use with  the AUTH command to complete your registration. You can prevent your E-mail address from being shown to other users with the SET HIDE command (type /msg NickServ HELP SET HIDE for more information).

/msg nickserv identify password
Logs you into the chat room with your registered nickname

/nick new nickname
Changes your nickname to whatever you like.

/join #channel
Makes you join the specified channel or create a new channel.

ICESHANTY chat room common commands

/action {action text} Sends the specifed action to the active channel or query window.
/ame {action text} Sends the specifed action to all channels which you are currently on.
/away {away message} Sets you away leave a message explaining that you are not currently paying attention to IRC.
/away A plain away sets you being back.
/beep {number} {delay} Locally beeps 'number' times with 'delay' inbetween the beeps. /channel Pops up the channel central window (only works in a channel).
/clear Clears the entire scrollback buffer of the current window.
/clearall Clears all text in all open windows.
/flood [{numberoflines} {seconds} {pausetime}] Sets a crude flood control method.
/font Activates the font selection dialog.
/help {keyword} Brings up the Basic IRC Commands section in the mIRC help file.
/ignore [on|off|nickname|address] Toggles ignoring of a nick or address or sets it on or off totally.
/invite {nickname} {#channel} Invites another user to a channel.
/join {#channel} Makes you join the specified channel.
/kick {#channel} {nickname} Kicks nickname off a given channel.
/mode {#channel|nickname} [[+|-]modechars [parameters]] Sets channel or user modes.
/msg {nickname} {message} Send a private message to this user without opening a query window.
/names {#channel} Shows the nicks of all people on the given channel.
/nick {new nickname} Changes your nickname to whatever you like.
/notice {nick} {message} Send the specified notice message to the nick.
/notify [on|off|nickname] Toggles notifying you of a nick on IRC or sets it on or off totally.
/part [#channel] [message] Makes you leave the specified channel.
/partall Makes you leave all channels you are on.
/quit [reason] Disconnect you from IRC with the optional byebye message.
/time Tells you the time on the server you use.
/timestamp [on | off] Sets timestamping on or off for all your conversations.
/topic {#channel} {newtopic} Changes the topic for the specified channel.


I was checking out the chat room the other day and there were people there from south Africa talking about school. I asked a couple questions and they never even heard of Iceshanty. What's up with that?

wrong room   :laugh:

Chat server was down and the chat program wasn't joining the iceshanty room. All fixed now.


I cant get the chatroom to work and I cant get MIRC to work i keep getting unable to connect errors. I downloaded the most recent Java. D0es anyone know what my problem is?


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