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Long Lake Parking WARNING (VALPO)

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Cmon, just let em fish! >:(

Come on guys dont you know thats JUDGE HARPERS lake. Make you vote for her. There i have said my peace.   fishy

Yea you dont want to upset the people who are sitting in thier houses doing nothing because its so cold out, all they have to do is make harder for people who enjoy the outdoors. Get a life couch potatos


--- Quote from: Rotney72 on Jan 09, 2010, 03:45 PM ---I emailed Jerry Davich from the post-tribune last nite  ..hopefully he will write about this abuse of power.he did a series of stories about the guards and snobs in ogden dunes thinking they own public land and roads about a year ago...this seems funny that the STATE POLICE were on 600 n in valparaiso to harass ice fisherman. sounds like someones got a friend on the state police force .I argued with a county cop two years ago out there...the dnr was there too...they offered no help in the matter. Im not against the police at all ,but if this is due to mary harper not wanting people to park on the same street she lives on, it is B.S.. this has always been public parking...oh well ....i guess i will have to walk from the public access...Im gonna go buy the biggest loudest jambox i can find and fish right in front of her house from sunup till way after dark..I wonder if she likes gangster rap ... ;D   mutha mutha mutha mutha  :afro:

--- End quote ---

Now that's hilarious!!!! ;D

Harley Hogger:
It would be cool to have a south long lake get together right out in frnt  Harpers place  get as many people  go and have a icebash ,let her call the PO PO . i will tell them to kiss my A S S .  i will take a generator out there and plug in a bigscreen tv for everyone to watch a game and take a grill for brats. swiss cheese the ice woud talk to some friends with quads and snowmobiles ,to help drag everyones stuff from the launch


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