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Davidson Lake?

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HighlandGlen Guide:
just wondering if anyone has fished there before its in Nopoming on Manitoba Ontario border, good chance a few of us are going on saturday, or possibly George or Westhawk

Got my first ever hardwater Laker at Davidson a few years ago...........followed by a couple more.Trout here are almost as dark colored as those out of West Hawk.Size is nearly identical too,around the 24" range but i know that some larger lurk both these lakes.If you are going out from Winnipeg or vicinity it's a way longer drive to Davidson on a much poorer road compared to fishing the Whiteshell.

HighlandGlen Guide:
Thanks for the info, i know that road all too well, but i love fishing in Nopoming, alot less people and a lot nicer scenery

When i did the last Davidson trio i walked straight out from the boat launch at the Davidson Lake sign which sometimes is plowed out but no guarantees.Once past the shoreline to the West where the cottages start i was about 100 yards further out give or take.Jigs and salties deadlined produced.Others fish the East end of the lake.I haven,t and don't know exactly where you can walk out there.Sleds would work well given the current conditions.Good Luck.Hope to see a few pictures later.Myself and my motley crew will be at the Hawk this weekend.

For Davidson we go to the very end of the road where the ont border starts. ( there are gates there for mine access only )
From that shore right there we go out about a 50 yards to start and fish that shore.
Fishing is never really hot, but you can always scratch a few. Though there has been some much better then average days.
If you have a sled you can get into Houston lake from close to there. Lots of nice lakers but it's in Ontario


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