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Safe Ice?
« on: Jan 20, 2004, 01:30 PM »
Hi All -

I'm a relative beginner to ice fishing and am wondering a few things about the ice.  I've noticed a few things while out this year and I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what I'm seeing.

One of the first things I've noticed is areas where the ice is completely clear.  On a sunny day, the ice looks black as compared to the milky white ice elsewhere.  When I walk up to the ice, it's almost completely clear.  The particular area I'm thinking about was probably about 50 yards wide by 75 yards long, but have seen smaller areas with similar characteristics and will assume there's larger ones as well.  Would a spot like this be indicative of a spring that is supplying water to the lake?  I've generally steared clear of these for fear of the unknown.  If not, how would one know where the springs are found?

Also, while driving along, sometimes I'll see a streak of clear ice, maybe about the width of the blueline in hockey that extends as far as I can see, almost like a crack in the ice but only visually.  I assume these are safe as I watched many many vehicle drive over these...

Any info would be appreciated!



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