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Panoptix Ps22 review
« on: Nov 23, 2022, 07:51 PM »
I bought a PS22 ice kit last Black "shop for ice fishing gear" Friday to go with my Garmin 73 UHD echomap. Initially I was just looking for a shuttle and ice ducer as my vexilar had died, but gradually upsold myself to a Panoptix ice kit.

I certainly spent more time fiddling with the set up and settings than I did really fishing for the first couple of trips, which is to be expected. I liked that I would have a little more range supposedly than the LVS32 and not have to deal with the black box and extra battery usage, not to mention the price premium.

I largely regret the purchase as it's not very useful for tight-to-the-bottom fishing (lake trout) that I wanted it for. There's no really bottom separation or decent ID of structure. a lot to lug around and set up. Deeper jigging I could seldomly see my jig. Although it claims 300' (vs 200 feet (?) with he Livescope) I had no luck fishing 120'. when I did see my lure it was brief and the lag was considerable. I was always fiddling around with transducer position. My buddy did much better using a Striker 4.

That said,  I wish I had a bigger head unit than the 7". I think bigger ones might have had a faster processor? Anyway, too small for the panoptix view and standard view together.

Not really wanting to trash the panoptix, but it really needed that improvement that the livescope brought for my kind of fishing. Others might have better experiences but I wasn't able to find this kind of critique before buying. I'm torn between really simplifying vs taking advantage of the new sales to get the LVS32 this year.

Good luck this year y'alls.

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Re: Panoptix Ps22 review
« Reply #1 on: Nov 24, 2022, 06:13 AM »
I would skip the 32 bite the bullet (if you want it) and get the 34. I just did, but we have had the 22 since it came out. You are correct on bottom dead zone with the 22, the 32 has it a little but no where near as bad, the 34 really helps on the bottom with different colors and the new tech and cleaner screen (I hate a cluttered screen) Iím not sure on giving up my 22 because it can see further and really really good for panfishing!


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