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Author Topic: Looking for fishing buddies, guidance, tips - Bay City and south  (Read 428 times)

Offline MichiganMike

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Hi all,

I'm originally from SE Michigan (Monroe) but didnt ice fish as a kid.  I'm back in the area, as of last year, and in Huron Township.  All of my fishing friends are on the west side of the state where I lived a lot of my adult life.  I'm really looking forward to learning the waters over on this side of the state, and of course would like some guys to fish with and share knowledge. 

I am really big on jigging, but I do run tip ups, IfishPro, JawJackers.  I bring about 10 rods out on the ice with me, if that tells you anything about how nutty I am for jigging.  I like fishing for Perch, Bluegill and Pike.  Prior to moving home, I lived in Massachusetts, where they have a bigtime stocking program for trout.  I was obsessed with that when I lived there, but they didnt hold over year to year in most lakes, so they were all the same size and didnt fight.  I would love to fish Walleye, Trout and Salmon, but I dont know how successful the stocking programs here have been, and if they breed and hold over.  Always enjoy running Jack Traps for Pike.  The goal for this year is to run live bait on the IfishPro and set the hook on a big pike and fight on a 30" rod. 

Anyways.. hit me up if you're interested in sharing knowledge with me, schooling me, or linking up to fish.  I DO NOT mind driving to fish, so if youre Bay City (or even further) and south, as far west as Lansing.. but really anywhere in the lower half of the state..  I'm all about it.  Ill go just about anywhere for good fishing.  I have sonar, Eskimo shelter and extra of everything mentioned above, but no ATV/Sled at this point, but could be convinced to get one haha.

Cheers, and tight lines

Offline Ronnie D

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