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Ice Fishing New Hampshire / Re: Cure for heat stroke
« Last post by SALMONEMIA on Today at 01:20 PM »
Good luck Jason.  Rest up.  We will keep you updated on the shanty. Take the time to heal.
Ice Fishing New Hampshire / Re: Cure for heat stroke
« Last post by HuntnFish603 on Today at 01:20 PM »
Thanks fellas. I wasn't up to my usual intense hunting tactics joe but was able to get out and put a few in the freezer nonetheless.
I plan to do whatever it takes to get back out there Frank. If all goes well I may see you guys end of March, time will tell.
Until then....I look forward to pics and stories. keep it interesting on the shanty
I believe that is a good price especially since it's a 4 season unit, if the interior is a great shape that would be a plus, If all the lights work another plus if all those cosmetic things are good. Then your tires should be looked at if there is excessive wear on the face of the tires it means you have bearing issues in the hubs or bent drop down assembly. Also how old are the batteries if they are 2013 then they most likely are on there way out to be needing to be replaced. If anything I have posted is not been mentioned by the owner then that  means he is considering a best offer if you point these things out to him.
Best way to tell if you have bearing issues is to have him fix the problems with the drop down and get the weight off the tires and wiggle tires back a forth if there is any wiggle to the hub you have bearings depending on the wiggle that will need to be replaced. Good luck bud oh also check out Facebook, Craigslist or other online sites that have used ice castle for sale
Ice Fishing New Hampshire / Re: Cure for heat stroke
« Last post by 800stealth on Today at 01:13 PM »
Sucks to hear Jason... Wishing you a speedy recovery and back in the game soon.
Ice Fishing Pennsylvania / Re: NEPA perch
« Last post by mitcher on Today at 01:11 PM »
I agree, plus you never know what you might hook on too. There is some nice fish in the pack.
Ice Fishing Connecticut / Re: Hello CT 2022/2023
« Last post by Ravo Himself on Today at 01:10 PM »
Looking forward to night crappie and some more of the venison sausage!

You know I'm down again. Let me know when it locks up. Just put some deer in the freezer yesterday  ;)
General Ice Fishing Chit Chat / Re: Ice shanty member for 20 yrs.
« Last post by baginwal on Today at 12:59 PM »
General Ice Fishing Chit Chat / Re: New Hub Shelter Advice Please
« Last post by Kilsdonk on Today at 12:53 PM »
Couple of features I would recommend...removable windows ...insulated ..grommets in the skirt .. a good tie down ropes... good anchors. I like the full door ...but it is not a deal breaker if you get a diamond door . I have a Eskimo 949i ...serves me well .
Yep all this!
Ice Fishing New Hampshire / Re: getting ready whats up folks
« Last post by AQUAASSASSIN on Today at 12:51 PM »
Iíve only shot this 8 pointer with my bow thus far, decided to try my hand at guiding up North and it ate a lot of time but I loved it. Hereís a few moose my clients put down too

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