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Fired up the bait tank this afternoon!

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duck doctor:
Well guys, the tank is set for this year. It is in an unheated room in my Apt..........sometimes it is great to be a bachelor!  There is only one place within a half hour of me that sells bait.......guess the tank will be stocked at all time this year too!

Nice job, I like it! :tipup:

kool set up, what did you use to keep the 55gal drum from rooling did you make a type of stand for it or is it just blocked on both sides.

Hey Riverrat how is Alton lookin,The Rhode Island crew will be up again this year with the castle

duck doctor:
It is blocked on one side.  The wall holds it in place......I hope it does not roll because the guy down stairs might get a little p'eed off when he finds 55gals of water on his porch!


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