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worst experience ever

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i am serious...........i went over to phillips pond this morning and it was some of the worst conditions i ever experienced........the re must of been a foot of slush that completely turned to water after and no flags. i fished an area for 3  hours with no flags......time to go home right.........not..... ..packed up went to a different part of the lake and drilled another 12 to 15 holes and sat there for another two hours and  had no feet were soaked..........i was sweating bullets from the warm temps........and i have about 3 dozen left over.........i will tell you......this hasn't been the opening season i hoped get all excited about ice and all you get are conditions made for a sled dog..........i can't even say its great to be back on the ice, because its so hard to have a good time.........maybe i am so frustrated right now and i know things will get better, but its almost better to stay home or find something else to do........the worst part is that i will be back on the ice tomorrow..........trud ging through the same junk in pursuit of that big fish, but man i am cooked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yeh!...........i used my snowshoes today and it was great getting down to the water, but when you got on the ice it was like lifting a 50 pound weight, because it was covered with slush.........i am going to take a shower........peace

waaa waaa waaa!
 just kidding! lol!
we've all had those days. i'd trade your day for mine right now.
i'm at work right now during our shutdown, working 12 hour days doing demolition work in a part of the plant they want to remodel.
i'd love a miseable day on the ice, or outside for that matter!
give 'em he!! for me tommorrow!

Ha Ha, I was cracking up reading this because I had almost the exact experience yesterday in Chester.  It was the first day I was heading out after dreaming about being on the ice for some time.  I had just finished school and work for two weeks and was ready to go with all my gear ready, my spirits were high to say the least.  Dragging my sled through the snow wasn't too bad until I hit the pond and sank into about a foot of slush/water. I hid in my shelter most the time trying to stay relatively dry. Just checking my tip-ups was quite the adventure. A few hours and no fish later I called it a day.  Got home a little early and I was so soaked my girlfriend thought for sure I had fallen through the ice.  Thought she was crazy until I looked in the mirror.  Didn't head out today but will be going out tommorow. Maybe I'll bring my canoe and just paddle from hole to hole.

sparkyice doesn't realize that i would of switched spots with him today.......what a nightmare..........atl east i would of been making money

We are going in the am. Canceling today was tough, because everyday you give up is one in a relatively short season you don't get back. The only bright spot about canceling today was the fact that we had a falling barometer. Fishing is generally slow for Bass and pic's then. Crappie like it just before the fall and sometimes light up big time during the low. Salmon as we all know love miserable weather and trout don't seem to mind it to much either. Hopefully the low gets out here mid night time and we get a nice rising barometer on Monday.



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