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Cobbetts/Canobie safe yet??

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Steve H.:
Was thinking about hitting Cobbetts or Canobie on Sunday morning before the rain comes in.  Anyone have confirmed reports that the ice is safe for foot traffic? (>= 5")?  Thanks in advance!!!

Hey Steve,

         Cobbetts is being fished close.  A few brave souls going further out.  Soon.

                                                          Bill Merrill

Steve H.:
Thanks Bill.  Hope you had a great year and maybe I'll see you on the ice this winter??

Happy Holidays....Steve H.

Havent seen anyone on Canobie yet, but not sure on ice thickness.  Water levels were low at the time of freeze; so traditionally shallow areas are way down, so Windham ramp area would be a no brainer, not sure about the Salem water pump is sometimes tricky there.

hey steve i was thinking about cobbetts also let me know how you do and conditions also if you don't mind thx bob


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